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1.  研究组长:闫东升,博士,研究员。1993年至 1998年在白求恩医科大学临床医学系完成本科学习,之后赴吉林大学生化与分子生物学系开始硕士学习,2001年至2006年中科院遗传与发育生物学研究所攻读博士。2006年加入温州医科大学组建实验室。

2.  团队成员:陈晓燕、陈伟伟、王教、王丽花、曹琼洁、林永、叶菊秀




Laboratory of Ocular Epigenetics

Team Members

1.         Principal Investigator: Dongsheng Yan, M.D., Ph.D.

From 1993 to 1998, He obtained his bachelor degree in Department of Clinical Medicine, Norman Bethune Medical. Then he went to Jilin University for his mater study in Biochemistry. He finished his PhD study in Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology. In 2006, he went to Wenzhou Medical University and established his own lab.                          

2.         Team Staff: Xiaoyan Chen, Weiwei Chen, Jiao Wang, Lihua Wang, Qiongjie Cao, Yong Lin, Juxiu Ye

Scope of Research Proposal

  Dr. Dongsheng Yan's laboratory is interested in studying epigenetic mechanism in eye development and disease. Epigenetics is a topic of heightening interest in ophthalmology because of its translational potential to develop novel strategies for improving treatment of anterior and posterior segment ocular diseases. This approach is of critical importance because currently in many cases the approaches in vogue only provide palliative relief without affecting the underlying mechanisms of sight compromising pathology. Epigenetic regulation entails DNA methylation, histone modifications and non-coding RNAs. As epigenetic modifications are implicated in an ever increasing number of physiological and pathological processes, there is a burgeoning interest to identify associations between aberrant changes and dysfunctional responses underlying different ocular diseases. Specially, it is of great interest to us to realize the specific associations between non-coding RNAs and their numerous targets that are perturbed in blinding eye diseases such as uveal melanoma and diabetic retinopathy. Such insights will be helpful for developing novel strategies in order to establish effective treatments of ocular diseases and thereby reverse losses in visual acuity. 



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